Tous le monde en parle – Summary of the show aired April 14, 2013 (text in french)

Some respite, PLEASE

Diane Chênevert is the mother of Philippe, a twelve-year-old diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 3 months. His life was hanging by a thread, while the life of his parents had just change forever. From now on, the family needs to adjust its day-to-day according to the assistance provided to Philippe, around the clock. This situation inspired them Centre Philou, a centre that offers services to help parents with a handicapped child. With only 1,5 % public funding, this cause needs to resonate in order to be viable. • The album Par amour pour Philou, benefitting Centre Philou, is on sale. • For more information about Centre Philou or to help the organization financially, which doesn't receive public funding, visit the Centre's website : www.centrephilou.com. Radio-Canada, April 14,  2013