Centre Philou's mission is to provide specialized support in order to help and develop children with multiple disabilities, as a complement to public services.


Safran Program (21-29 years-old)


The alternative education program Safran (Saffron) is addressed to young adults with multiple disabilities from 21 to 29 years-old.


The Approach

Safran Program focus is to offer personalized educative activities. Young adults with disabilities receive continuous development services which they need, all integrated in one place. Services of “scholar” education, and daily life, motor and cognitive development, hygiene care, are possible thanks to our in-house educators. This program also allows parents to return on the labour market and to have a blossoming family life. An interdisciplinary and individualized approach is favoured, at the opposite of a multidisciplinary approach for groups. The care is centered on functional aspects and on the priorities accorded to the quality of life, social participation, and day-to-day autonomy, rather than on skills, abilities, education and qualifications. Safran’s approach answer to global and specific needs of the student by recognizing the interaction between his or her health and level of development. Even though the needs for rehabilitation and education are necessary, they are more situated in a social development and in the quality of life. It is specific objectives, measurable, and applicable in activities in the everyday life that are prioritized : the goal is to improve the young’s life quality, as well as his or her entourage.



Safran Program is available over 38 weeks, full or part time, from September to June.


Admission Criterias

Young adults from 21 to 29 years-old, Quebec residents, with multiple disabilities, and whose care can be delegated. Philou Center accepts the ones with gastrostomy, and tracheotomy; who are epileptic or having trouble to sleep; as well as those who require special care.


Safran Program is :

  • Private and free program in a stimulating and warm environment
  • Partnership with the Centre de ressources éducatives et pédagogiques (CREP) of the Ministry of Education
  • Overall assessment and regular monitoring of the student
  • Intervention plan with an interdisciplinary approach
  • Approach adapted according to the differences and the rhythm of each one
  • Maintaining and consolidating gains
  • Focused on youth well-being, caring and socialization
  • Ratio 1 to 1 with educational accompaniment dedicated to each student at all times
  • The educational accompaniment allows the development of a relationship with the family and a solid bond of trust with the student
  • Possibility of occasional overnight stay
  • Music activities, Special Yoga™, computers, sensory gardening 
  • Functional life skills learning
  • Summer session of educational and leisure discovery (to come)


This program is free.


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