Centre Philou's mission is to provide specialized support in order to help and develop children with multiple disabilities, as a complement to public services.

The Respite

Mental exhaustion, discouragement, sleep deprivation, difficulties with relatives, lack of help, shortage of care options… All of those words cannot begin to describe the life of parents living with disabled children.

The Approach

Philou Center aims to diminish tensions in the life of families with disabled children. The Center does not only care for children during some days, they are welcome in a home built for them where they are loved, cherished, and understood. For parents, Philou Center is a space of thrust so they can decompress. Formed of educators, animators, and volunteers with formation, the first quality of the Respite Service’s team is the respect for children; In addition to patience, dedication, comprehension, energy, rigor, good spirit, and the love to play.

Even though the Respite Service is more focused on “the parents” so they can relax, the children benefit from many activities during their stay, such as help regarding their overall mobility development, stretchings, adapted games, animations, and outdoor activities. For each child who come to the Respite Service, we create personalized document with life habits, computer games, arts, music, and sensorial preferences.


A stay minimum of 24 hours which can go up to 3 weeks, according disponibilities.

Admission Criterias

Children from 0 to 15 years old, Quebec residents, with multiple disabilities, and whose care can be delegated. Philou Center accepts children with gastrostomy, and tracheotomy; who are epileptic or having trouble to sleep; as well as those who require special care.


For each 24 hours there is a fee of $75 applicable. There is also a possibility to have an agreement with rehabilitation centers in order to offer respite services to their patients.