The AMAL Foundation gives $20,000 to support Paprika

A big THANKS to the Amal Foundation team who raised $20,000 in 2016 to support Centre Philou's Paprika program. Fondation AMAL 20 000$ AMAL Soirée 4 AMAL soirée AMAL Soirée 2 AMAL Soirée 3 logo_Paprika_horizontal All very young children need early stimulation to maximise their development. This is even more true and important for severely disabled children because normal stimulation must be adapted to their specific needs. The new stimulation service is part of the development of the Centre Philou’s mission, which is to help improve both the families’ and children’s quality of life by providing care in a homey, stimulating, and loving environment. A team of professionals (psychotherapist, ergotherapist, special-needs teacher, a specialised educator, psychoeducator) offers a multidisciplinary approach where the child-professional ratio is always 1-1. The stimulation objectives are established with parents and regular professionals, following a plan agreed upon by all. Workshops take place Mondays and Tuesdays each week for 12 consecutive weeks, including a stay Monday night. This 2-day schedule including a stay offers respite to parents and maximizes the interventions and the children’s development. There is a workshop in the fall (October-December), winter (December-March) and spring (April-June). By attending the stimulation workshops, children will participate in personalized stimulation activities in communication, motor development, art, music and visit the stimulation room. They will receive appropriate care based on their state of health (tube feeding, medication, hygiene, etc.) and will benefit from the daily follow-up of a psychotherapist, ergotherapist, special-needs teacher, a specialised educator, and a behavioral therapist. As well, children will participate in individual and group activities adapted to their needs and abilities. For the children, the workshops offer:
  • One hour of physiotherapy per day, one hour of occupational therapy per day, one hour of social/behavioral/sensory or communication therapy per day
  • Physical activities including stretching, relaxation, strengthening,
  • Massages, desensitisation,
  • Support for independence in eating, hygiene, communication,
  • Positional games,
  • Sensory stimulation in the multi-sensory room: simulation of certain environments, reduction of fear of sounds and visual elements, getting used to sounds and environments,
  • Exterior games and outings, weather permitting
  • Cognitive stimulation: communication support, adapted software, independent play,
  • Art, using textures, methods, materials to encourage the development of atypical movement,
  • Music, using instruments that the children can handle, getting used to sounds, playing rhythms.
For parents, the team offers informational sessions for parents about a variety of issues (siblings, work-family reconciliation, available support services, socialisation, etc.) with the psychoeducator and practical session to enable them to adapt their actions and learn more about your child (feeding, playing, communicating). After the workshops, equipment can also be available to be borrowed for a few weeks.