Centre Philou's mission is to provide specialized support in order to help and develop children with multiple disabilities, as a complement to public services.

Summer Day Camp

The summer camp allows children to enjoy unique and tailored experiences, while receiving special care.

The Approach

Children take part in numerous outdoor activities in addition to daily activities such as crafting, music, and sensorial stimulation. Each child is taken care by an educator (1:1 ratio) trained for their specific care and stimulation needs.


The camp operates for 8 weeks, from the end of June to the end of August, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. You can register your child for a maximum of 3 weeks, consecutive or not. 

Admission Criterias

Children from 4 to 15 years-old, Quebec residents, with multiple disabilities, and whose care can be delegated. Philou Center accepts children with gastrostomy, and tracheotomy; who are epileptic or having trouble to sleep; as well as those who require special care.

Specialized Summer Camp is :

  • Personalized stimulation activities for communication, sensory and motor development, arts, and music.
  • Necessary health care provided according the child’s condition and their life habits (feeding, medication, dressing, hygiene).
  • At least one outdoor activity per day according to the weather and one special outing per week.
  • Weekly report of the child’s accomplishments.
  • Individual and group activities tailored for their abilities and needs.


There is a $50 registration fee and the fees are $275 per week.